How To Add Music To IG Story

Get ready to enjoy another exciting feature of Instagram where you can play music in your Instagram stories! This is so exciting, Do you want to know how to add music to IG story?

Were you still not aware of this latest feature? Well, in 2018, Instagram introduced a “music sticker” for the users, which can work for both photos and videos. You can select your favorite music track out of thousands that fit according to your story mood.

Previously, this feature was not available for Canadian Instagram users, but now they can also take advantage of this exciting feature. What else wish for?

Around 500 million people use the feature of Instagram stories every day, and it is really exciting to see how creatively their stories turned out with background music.

Are you ready to add music to your IG story? Let’s not waste time and give you a quick guide on how you can add music to IG Story:

Step by Step Guide How to Add Music to IG Story

  1. Firstly you have to makes sure that you have downloaded the latest and updated version of the Instagram app on your Android. Once your app is updated, you can visit Instagram stories and tap on the camera icon on the top right of the homepage.
  2. Now take some photos or make a video of yourself. On top of your homepage screen, tap on the stickers button. After it, tap on the music sticker option.
  3. A new option of Instagram music library pop-up in which you can see thousands of songs to pick from. Search for your favorite song, or you can even browse according to the genre, trending list, or mood.
  4. To listen to the music preview, click the play button. You can listen to the song before you confirm it in your IG story.
  5. Once you are satisfied with the song selection, you can easily fast-forward or rewind the whole track. In this way, you can pick the song part you want to include in your IG story.
  6. Next, you have to choose the duration of the song clip. The maximum time duration is 15 seconds. So your song has to be either 15 seconds or less than 15 seconds.
  7. In addition, if the selected song is available with lyrics, it will automatically pop-up on the screen.

To give your whole IG story an appealing look, you can include it with some designs, fonts, or emojis.

Final Verdict

This is how you will be ready to add music to your IG story! You will make your IG story in the same manner as you do it in the previous version. Apart from fonts or emojis, you can also include some hashtags, GIFs, or polls. Visit Seopreme to have a piece of deep knowledge about this great feature!

Once all the arrangements and settings are finalized, tap the button “Your Story” located at the bottom of your screen!

We are sure that after reading the whole tutorial, the next second, you will pick up your mobile phone, open IG, and tap into IG story-making. Follow the steps carefully and surprise your friends with an exciting IG story included with a fun music background.

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