Adwords MCC

MCC is the abbreviation of My Client Center. This is a professional account that Google provides to most organizations and businesses. It helps manage more than one Google Ads Account. With the help of an Adwords MCC account, you will be given one place where you can track, open and work with various AdWords accounts.

A few of the basic scenarios to figure out when your MCC is great to go are discussed below:

  • When you already have multiple AdWords accounts.
  • You are working as the AdWords manager with numerous clients.
  • Plus, you are running a search marketing agency.
  • You are in need to start numerous campaigns where you are targeting countless towns. For setting-up around 50 campaigns as per the account limit, you should have at least more than one account.
  • Besides, you and your client need separate invoicing for various projects, and hence they need multiple accounts. Each campaign will require one account.
  • In case you have one client who is already having multiple accounts, for that sake, you have to link an MCC within another MCC.

Can you upgrade your current AdWords MCC Account to the MCC Account?

No, you cannot! Once you have set-up your MCC account, your specific email is no longer capable enough to associate with any other Adwords account. There has always been a long debate to figure out whether you can upgrade your old MCC account or not. Well, in simple words, you cannot because it is already associated with one MCC account.

If you still want another MCC account, you have to create a new Gmail account and create a new MCC account. Once your MCC has been active, you can now link the rest of the Adword accounts over it. In this way, you will be able to monitor all your MCC accounts under a single login. You can know more information about it by visiting SEOPreme.

Is it possible to use one Adwords MMC Account to Manage Other MCC Accounts?

Yes, it is! You can easily use your one MCC account to manage the other MCC accounts without any hassle. But this whole process becomes extra easier when you have a client who is already having an MCC account. Once you link the two different MCC accounts, the specific managed accounts will appear. This is the same as any other account of MCC. But when you click on it, a list will pop-up.  You will be given one place from where you can track, open and work with various AdWords accounts. With this list, you can view all those accounts which are all managed under that Adwords MCC.


To sum up, the Adwords MCC dashboard is the best approach with which you can manage all your clients under one platform. If you are working as an advertiser and too many clients are associated with you, then the MCC dashboard will come to your rescue as a useful platform. Hence, you will find it seamless to manage all your Google Ads from a single page.

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